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The Gold-i Bridge is software that works with trading platforms such as MetaTrader MT4. In today’s more regulated market place many brokers need to offload trading risk to liquidity providers such as banks. As a client trades with the broker the bridge will follow pre-defined rules and in many cases execute a second, equal and opposite, trade between the broker and the external liquidity provider. This will mean that the broker will have no risk of losing money in the pair of transactions. This is because the broker will have no net exposure.

A broker who analyses his Traders’ history and groups them into winners and losers can use the bridge to hedge trades from the winning group while keeping for themselves trades from the losing group. This is a strategy that will maximise profits though there is still some risk of losing money. Some brokers will accept no trading risk at all and will bridge all of their trades at the expense of sharing profits with the liquidity provider.

The Gold-i Bridge is popular because it is fast,  flexible and reliable.

It takes only a few Milliseconds for the Gold-i Bridge to process a client order. This is because it uses the MetaTrader server API and has been coded to have super low latency using native 64 bit code. Clients like this because they are more likely to get the price on the screen with no slippage if the time taken to transact a single trade is short.

Speed is important, so the Gold-i Bridge has been designed and tested to process more trades in one second than MetaTrader can. Brokers like this because the bridge does not affect the broker’s capacity for peak live trades per second.

To enhance flexibility the Gold-i Bridge is modular in design and is the only bridge that works with MetaTrader and supports:

  • Super-low latency and very fast
  • Installed directly on the MT4 server
  • Uses the MT4 admin tool for
    programming – quick to set up
    with no duplication issues

  • Built in throttling – ideal for use
    with aggregated price feeds

  • Supports all MetaTrader order types
  • Full routing of all order types
    direct to Liquidity Providers

  • Partial fills and multiple fills
    from the Liquidity Providers

  • Clients’ trades to be STP
    or warehoused (B Book)

  • Multi-asset support – FX,
    CFDs, Futures, Indices, Equities

  • Percentage Covering at any level

The Gold-i  Bridge has been designed to be reliable with excellent audit trail information. All trades and error messages are logged in persistence files to allow full reconstruction.  

Once set up the Gold-i Bridge operates entirely automatically and apart from general system management requires no day to day maintenance. If MT4 is restarted the Bridge automatically re-connects to MT4 and the Liquidity Provider. The system will generate informational messages in log files and can automatically email these to either the client or Gold-i if required.

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