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In order to integrate MetaTrader (MT4 or MT5) into your back/middle office, CRM or any external system it is necessary to use the Gold-i Gate Link.

The Gold-i Link uses either standard FIX protocol (core) or a bespoke system-specific protocol to connect MetaTrader to the back office.

The following systems are already Integrated:-

  • Gold-i Core FIX 4.4
  • Star Financial
  • ThinkIS HQ
  • Trade Crowd
  • FSS MarginTrac and Spectrum

The Gold-i Link uses the Gold-i FIX API Plugin to convert all MetaTrader functions into standard FIX 4.4 messages, which can then be translated into the corresponding Back Office messages by a standard (Core) or bespoke Gold-i Link Gateway.

All communication is in real-time with no polling or file-based transfer, resulting in a lightning-fast interface with a latency of 1ms typically.

Communication can go wrong between disparate IT systems, and the Gold-i Link has been built with this in-mind. Every message is logged and not marked as successfully stored by the Back Office until the Back Office sends a positive acknowledgement. So, for example, if a trade cannot be booked because the corresponding back-office account has not been created, the Gold-i Link will mark the trade as “not booked”. It will then keep trying to book the trade at regular intervals, which will eventually be successful once the account has been created.

Key Benefits

  • New Trades
  • Trade Modifications
  • Trade Cancellations
  • Open Trades
  • Pending Orders
  • Client Commissions to the house
  • Agent commissions from the house
  • Daily rollovers (tom/next) charges
  • Interest payments
  • Balance adjustments
  • Account creation
  • Account modification
  • Account deletion
  • Product List
  • Rate snapshots
  • Account balance details
  • Trade Reconciliations
  • Account creation
  • Balance adjustments
  • Trade booking
  • Rate Snapshot Requests
  • Account List Requests
  • Account Balance Requests
  • Product Requests
  • Open Trade Requests
  • Pending Order Requests

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