Gold-i Matrix


Gold-i Matrix

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The Gold-i Matrix will be launched in late 2014 and will provide a platform that will allow brokers to aggregate in-coming liquidity feeds and offer their own liquidity out to their customers.

It will allow the broker to offer their own liquidity via FIX in multi-asset instruments. Orders received from FIX clients can be A or B booked, or a mixture. All FIX clients are centrally cross-asset risk-managed.

It also leverages all the broker’s existing LP relationships through a single graphical user interface which will allow the broker to set configuration and to monitor positions, orders, and executions.

It is Compatible with FIX, Web services and MT4/5 which in turn will allow full flexibility when operating multiple platforms.

Options Available

Matrix Version 1.0

Will allow other trading platforms to integrate with MT4

Matrix Version 2.0

Provides an aggregation solution with intelligent throttling

Matrix Version 3.0

Offers the full liquidity suite and allows brokers to offer their own liquidity 

Key Benefits

  • Allows a broker to become a Liquidity Provider
  • Combine multi-asset liquidity into a single book.
  • Source from multiple LPs
  • Provide liquidity via FIX, Web Services, or MetaTrader
  • Cross-asset centralised risk management
  • Full order reporting
  • Configurable A/B book trading
  • Best Bid/Offer for each asset classGold I Brochure Matrixflow001

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