Gold-i PerformanceFee


Gold-i PerformanceFee

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The Gold-i Performance Fee application is a ‘run once’ Manager API application designed to calculate the performance commission fees for certain MT4 user groups (as a percentage of the realised profit) and then make a balance transfer to the MT4  ‘commission’ account for that group.

The performance fee logic is based on a ‘High Watermark’ policy, so commission will only be generated if the previous profit is exceeded.

The ‘realised profit’ is the profit on closed positions calculated by MT4 for (ignoring any balance transfers) during the ‘charging period’.

eg:          Application is run on 13/5/2012

               The charging period is currently set to the previous calendar month.

Charging period will be the entire month of April,  eg: EOD 31/3/2012 to EOD 30/4/2012

If no profit is made for a particular User Group then the Performance fees for that group will be zero.

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