Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot


Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot

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The Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot updates a MySQL database with real-time information from MT4. RiskDB runs in the background, and works by parsing the MT4 log at a user-specified interval and updating the database with any new information it finds. It can go back as many (or few) days as the user specifies.

The first time RiskDBSnapshot runs, it updates the database with all the information in the MT4 log (subject to the user-specified time limit). After that, it runs in the background and updates the database incrementally, as and when trades are made, users are added/deleted, prices change, etc. If it is closed and then re-opened, it will pick up on any information that was entered into MT4 while it was closed.

RiskDBSnapshot works with the Gold-i Manager plugin, but is independent of the Gold-I FIX API and the Integrated Gateway.

RiskDBSnapshot can support multiple MT4 servers. It does this by adding an additional column containing the server name to the tables, meaning multiple instances of RiskDBSnapshot can populate the same database.

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