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Gold-i Visual Edge helps Forex brokers to improve profits and reduce risk by analysing MT4 trades in near real-time and historically.

It has three main elements: Business Analysis, Client Profiling and Risk Management.

Business Analysis

  • View open and closed P/L and notional traded volumes.
  • Break down by any attribute, including A Book / B Book, business area (e.g. Europe, Asia, Regulated, Unregulated), client, MT4 group, market or country.
  • Analyse the effect of IB rebates, swaps and commissions on the bottom line.
  • Export to Excel.

Client Profiling

  • Analyse client’s trading style (e.g. Super Scalper, Swing Trader etc.), winning and loosing trades and activity patterns to help in deciding whether to A Book or B Book the client.
  • System will analyse historic trades and auto-suggest when a client should optimally be A or B booked.
  • View client’s deposits, withdrawals, balances, IB rebates, swaps, taxes and commissions.
  • View figures in client currency or in common currency (e.g. USD).

Risk Management

  • View current broker exposure by any attribute, including currency, symbol or security group. For example, USD, JPY, GBPCAD, USDJPY or Shares, Indices or Commodities.
  • Get alerted, by sound and visually, when exposure gets close to or breaches a specified limit.
  • View effectiveness of broker hedge against B Booked trades.
  • View the latest trades in a Trade Blotter and get alerted when a trade over a specified notional USD value is traded or when a client opens and closes a trade in a very short time or when a specific client trades.






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