Capital Index - Rob Woolfe, CEO

“We chose to partner with market leading Gold-i because it is critical to our growth ambitions that we integrate with companies that react quickly to our ever changing demands and requirements. With this proactive approach to business Gold-i are assisting Capital Index in achieving our targets”


Cfh Clearing

CFH Clearing – Lars Holst, CEO 

“We have worked with Gold-i since they started doing business and we have always been very comfortable with having them as a key partner. 

Apart from their ever evolving suite of technology solutions what I think sets them apart is their integrity, which stands out in an industry that isn’t always known to be transparent or straightforward.”



InterTrader - Shai Heffetz, Managing Director, 

“We chose to partner with Gold-i because of their strong track record in the market and because Gold-i products outperformed competitor products during our initial analysis. 

We’ve now worked with Gold-i for over 2 years, using the Bridge, MAM and other Bolt-Ons. We are very impressed by the reliability of the Gold-i products as well as the high quality of service. It has proved to be a wise decision to make Gold-i our trusted partner.”


Cfh Group

CFH Group - Christian Frahm, CEO 

“Gold-i offers real innovation in FX trading technology.” 


Ava Trade

AVA FX - Daire Ferguson, CEO

 “As part of the rapid growth in clients using MetaTrader, AvaTrade was looking for a technical solution to complement our reporting engine.

As such, AvaTrade decided to outsource the project to a firm with the expertise required. After exploring several options, we chose Gold-i and the Gold-i RiskDB Snapshot product. 
We have been impressed with the reliability of the product together with the great MT4 knowledge of the Gold-i personnel who have pointed out ways to further improve our MT4 service. 
Today, in addition to the Gold-i RiskDB Snapshot, AvaTrade uses many Gold-i products with great success such as:
• Gold-i Position Keeper
• Gold-i MT4 QuoteChecker
• Gold-i MT4 RateLimit
• Gold-i MT4 Profit Share
• Gold-i Balance Monitor
• Gold-i Price Server 
and also use their full advanced support and maintenance package to all our MT4 servers. “


Tradable Logo Light Background 300X76

Tradable - Jannick Malling, CEO 

“Gold-i has helped us with complex integrations. Their technical expertise combined with their in-depth sector knowledge has enabled us to achieve exceptional things.”



Star Financial Systems - Dan Moczulski, CEO, 

“As Star Financial Systems continues to integrate MT4 brokerages into its trading systems, we have found Gold-i's assistance invaluable. Throughout our relationship I genuinely feel that every Gold-i solution has been tailored to what is best for Star and our clients.”



IronFX Global - Stefanos Kashiouris, Chief Risk Officer

“We value technological innovation, reliability and robustness. It is for these reasons we have chosen to partner with Gold-i who provide unparalleled execution and liquidity to our clients."


Sanko Logo

Sanko Menkul Degerler - Aytun Bilgin, Deputy General Manager

“We focus on high quality technology and high quality service – and Gold-i is an ideal partner for us. Gold-i has a range of innovative products, ideal for our current and future needs.”


Gain Capital

Gain Capital (Forex.com) - Tom Miller, VP Product Strategy,

“Gold-i’s commitment to quality and service is second to none.”



GKFX - Paul Hare, Global Director of Trading,

“The Gold-i Bridge outperformed others in terms of speed and functionality. It has proved to be incredibly reliable and robust.”



LMAX - Qilin Wang, International Development Executive,

“Gold-i‘s technology and quality of service is the main reason why LMAX chose to form a partnership with them. They continue to expand their products’ functionality and range whilst also keeping the stability of all their existing products. Our clients have very positive feedback on Gold-i’s technical support, especially their Chinese support. Gold-i provides extended professional support and advice and has helped our clients to resolve many difficult problems. They are true professionals.”



FXBTG Broker - Joly Pan, IT Manager, Institutional Service, Asia Office 

“Gold-i has a strong reputation in the industry and has provided a tremendous service to FXBTG. Gold-i products offer stability and reliability for our environment, and on top of this, Gold-i has provided a customised, unique solution to fit our requirements. Most importantly, Gold-i provides technical support in Chinese, which is vital to our company. Their response to enquiries and issues is second to none. We are very satisfied with everything they have provided.”


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