MT4 Integration

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MT4 Integration

Need to integrate MT4 with your back office, CRM, accounting, risk management and reporting systems? Or with another third party solution or additional platform?

As the global market leader in MT4 integration, Gold-i has a proven track record in large and small scale real-time integrations. Our tight integrations can safeguard operational efficiency, limit the amount of human interventions and reduce chances of error.  

Our impressive integration tools, developed over many years using our strong MT4 expertise, enable brokers to integrate MT4 with any bought-in or in-house solution, all in real-time.

Whatever your integration requirements are, Gold-i has the ability to help. Our professional team will begin by assessing your integration needs and third party system API. We will manage the project in a highly professional and efficient way.

Integration-related products                                                       

Gold-i Link enables brokers to integrate MT4 with any bought-in or in-house back/middle office solutions, all in real-time. The integration is done at server level, which is faster and more effective than MT4 Manager level one.  Developed over many years, using our strong MT4 expertise, the Gold-i Link is an impressive integration solution.

MT4 Integration