Risk Management

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Risk Management

Looking for ways of managing your risk effectively? Need to limit your risk on the B Book and access A & B Book positions in real-time? 

Gold-i has developed a unique suite of risk management solutions to help brokers to manage their risk intelligently and make better decisions about when to hedge and when to bring trades in-house to maximize profits. 

Our highly effective products provide you with a clear overview of all positions in real-time, helping you to make more informed decisions. Whether you need a simple interface providing you with a complete overview or email and text message alerts to inform you about margin calls, we have a wide range of powerful risk management tools which are helping brokers across the globe to operate more successfully, with a more precise view of risk, trade groups and activity relating to individual traders. 

Gold-i can analyse a brokerage’s risk management policy and recommend a combination of tools best suited to your business model and needs, helping to mitigate risk and increase profitability. We can tailor products to your specific requirements and even develop new products for you if you need a product which isn’t in our portfolio. 

Risk Management products include:

  • Gold-i Bridge – a powerful risk management tool which can be used as a dealer, checking all trades with market prices to make sure they are not being arbitraged or scalped. It also allows brokers to send partial fills to the Liquidity Provider, helping dealers to be more profitable by managing their exposure more effectively.
  • Gold-i Link - allows systems such as back offices, cash management, account management and CRMs to seamlessly integrate with MT4 in real time.  This is a bi-directional connection for exchanging and data between MT4 and 3rd party systems.
  • Gold-i VisualEdge - a visualistaion tool that allows brokers to evaluate their profitability and to therefore correctly establish whether trades should be A booked B booked.  Can also be used to let clients / IBs establish where they are most profitable.
  • Gold-i Position Keeper –helping brokers to limit their B Book risk by showing a real-time overview of all exposure at client, coverage, and net levels.
  • Gold-i Margin Caller – enabling brokers to manage their operational and trading risk by setting up a number of email alerts to email in case of margin calls.
  • Gold-i Rate Limit- filtering out spikes from incoming price feeds and absorbing potential errors from incoming prices which may trigger undesired limit orders.
  • Gold-i Quote Checker – mitigating the risk of clients trading on out of date prices by automatically disabling trades when quotes stop arriving.
  • Gold-i Rate Blocker – blocking ticks being fed into the MT4 server if the incoming spread is wider than the configured filter setting.

Risk Management