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Gold-i is a market-leading trading technology provider, trusted by brokers, liquidity providers and crypto institutions. Through reliable and robust development, Gold-i has spent the past 15 years adapting and innovating products to grow with the global financial markets.

Hundreds of multi-asset brokers worldwide have transformed their operations, managed their risk more effectively and have become more profitable with Gold-i's innovative solutions.

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Celebrating 15 Years in Business

We are committed to helping our clients grow.

With multiple sites across the globe, Gold-i provides exceptional support 24/7.

“Finalto has had a long-standing relationship with Gold-i and they are a highly valued partner. We’ve always been impressed by Gold-i’s ever evolving product portfolio, the reliability of their products and their commitment to driving the industry forward. They stand out in this market for their integrity, responsiveness and the high calibre of their team.”
"The support we received from Gold-i from the outset has been exceptional and they were able to get us up and running very quickly. The team's understanding of the crypto market and their network of market makers that we've been able to leverage has been above and beyond what we were expecting from a technology partner. With Gold-i's technology and support, we are now able to scale our business."
“We have worked with Gold-i for over 10 years, using a wide range of their reliable MT4 and MT5 products and plug-ins. As MetaTrader experts, they have been able to provide invaluable advice over the years about our MetaTrader set up and have helped us with the smooth migration to new products. No matter who we speak to at Gold-i, they listen and always attempt to go the extra mile to accommodate our needs."

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Who are Gold-i's products designed for?

Our technology is for brokers and funds that need technology to connect their trading platform to LPs, risk reporting or a MAM/PAMM/LAMM solution. Our products are not for professional traders.

Do you provide liquidity?

No, we are strictly a technology provider. Our technology will connect your trading platform to liquidity, but we don't offer liquidity. 

Does your technology support crypto and digital assets?

Yes, MatrixNet has a module that has been carefully developed to enhance our technology for crypto and digital assets. 

Where is Gold-i's technology hosted?

Our technology can either be hosted on one of our servers, for an additional cost, where we will manage the server for you, or you can host on your own instance.

What is your pricing model?

We have different pricing models for each of our products, ranging from flat monthly fee and transactional costs. If you would like a quote, demo or trial of any of our products, please get in touch.

How does Gold-i’s software use FIX APIs?

Our Liquidity Management solutions make use of the FIX API protocol and various platform APIs to connect Financial Entities with Liquidity Providers. The FIX API is very fast and allows very low-latency connections between all parties.

What is liquidity aggregation and how does it achieve best price policy?

Liquidity aggregation refers to a technology platform that allows participants to simultaneously obtain streamed prices from a pool of several liquidity providers. Routing algorithms customise the price streams, providing the liquidity consumer with the ability to obtain a Best Bid or Offer price, which in turn, can be passed to their end client. Aggregating multiple Liquidity Providers can offer tighter pricing and deeper liquidity, but recycled liquidity can be a problem if all the liquidity comes from the same ultimate LPs.