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Gold-i is renowned for developing some of the fastest and most reliable MT4 and MT5 plugins on the market. Don't settle for a one-size approach when outsourcing technology, benefit from a wide range of plugins to fit your business needs.

IB Profit Share

Attract new Introducing Brokers and expand your client base by monitoring trading activity in real-time and whenever a client opens or closes a trade.

Price Monitor

Alerts when quotes stop arriving.

Margin Caller

Alerts clients when their orders are closed by a Stop Loss 
or Take Profit or when a cash deposit or withdrawal is made.

Swap Loader

Allows a broker to automatically upload daily swap values.

Balance Monitor

Monitors the clients’ balances and emails the brokerage if one of them goes negative.

MT5 Cover Trade Plugin

Easily reconcile counter-party risk in MT5 with Gold-i's Cover Trade Plugin.

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