About Us

Who is Gold-i?

Founded in 2008, Gold-i is a pioneering force in the trading technology sector, with its headquarters based in the UK and a global presence through offices worldwide.  Having started as one of the earliest MT4 bridge providers, Gold-i has grown an extensive product portfolio and is a recognised market leader in both the FX and digital asset industries. Our client base includes brokers, funds, LP’s and exchanges.

At Gold-i, we are committed to driving innovation in trading technology, developing software solutions that empower clients to excel in today's dynamic market environment. Our products span three key areas: Liquidity Management, MetaTrader Tools & Hosting, and Business Intelligence & Risk Management.

 Our mission at Gold-i is clear: to help clients maximise profitability, minimise risk, and stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape. Whether you're a retail broker or an LP, a fund or crypto exchange, our deep industry expertise and unparalleled round-the-clock support across multiple global locations are designed to provide invaluable assistance in achieving your business goals.

 Experience the Gold-i difference and unlock new opportunities for success in the trading industry.


Gold-i has won numerous awards for its products and services, including being the first fintech to win the Queen's Award for Enterprise, one of the highest awards for UK businesses.