FX Liquidity Management

Achieve better prices, gain more clients, and reduce toxic trading

MatrixNET - Enhanced Liquidity Management Platform

MN Benefits (3)

Experience the power of MatrixNET—a cutting-edge multi-asset liquidity management system, developed to give brokers an edge over their competition and make more profits.  

Our platform empowers brokers with a multitude of routing and aggregation methods and the ability to tailor execution models to suit the unique preferences of different client types. 

Achieve better prices, gain more clients, and reduce toxic trading with our advanced features. 

Rapidly connect to 80+ pre-integrated liquidity partners or ask us to integrate to any new and existing liquidity sources. 

Agg FX
Liquidity Aggregation
  • Price and trade with 80+ venues
  • Multiple smart routing aggregation methods
  • Choice of algorithms to reduce rejections and slippage
Dis FX
Liquidity Distribution
  • Well-established and widely connected API, including; MT4, MT5, DXT, Ctrader and MatchTrade
  • Create your own set of prices to target different customers
  • Offer FIX or Websocket
Your choice of OMS/EMS
  • Excellent bridge for MT4 or MT5
  • Works with any FIX or WebSocket-capable trading platform
  • Pre-integrated with most of the leading providers
internal orders
Internalise orders
  • B-book management
  • Protective logic to reduce losses against toxic trading
  • Precision reports to identify unwanted trading patterns
Advanced Spreading
  • Highly configurable spreading options; Min, Markup, Max all included
  • Automated spread scheduler; pre-configure for events like NFP and operationally easy
      • Dashboard for monitoring all trading activity through the system
      • Filters to precisely look at orders from a variety of options
      • RestAPI to pull data to another system
      quick setup
      Speed of Setup
      • We know the market is moving fast
      • Our software is designed to be setup and configured fast
      • Typical setup from start to finish is only a few days
      experience in business
      Years of experience
      • When you work with Gold-i we become your partner
      • A leading figure in the industry for 15+ years
      • 24/7 expert support
      Who can we help
      • Start-up brokers
      • Established Brokers
      • LP’s
      • Prop firms

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