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What Makes a Successful Brokerage?

A successful brokerage needs to diversify, the FX market is tough and competitive - not mentioning the domino effect of regulators, making it even harder to remain profitable.

To diversify, you need to offer something different. 

  • Don't just offer the same platforms
  • Offer different products - Money Management
  • Offer other asset classes (Crypto Switch™ 2.0)
  • Educate your clients the best way to trade

About the author

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins is the Founder and CEO of Gold-i with experience in financial technology spanning over 25 years. With an in-depth knowledge of the trading technology industry, Tom set up Gold-i in 2008 after spotting a gap in the market to enhance the FX trading process for retail brokers. As the inspiration and driving force behind Gold-i, Tom has played a major role in disrupting the retail FX and Crypto market, giving opportunities to brokers/exchanges across the globe. Now extending the firm’s focus to the institutional market, he uses his market insight to continue to drive innovation.