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Why Does Your FX Brokerage Need A Business Intelligence Tool?

You might be running your brokerage quite happily today with spreadsheets, downloading all of the trades at the end of the day... but that is at the end of the day. 


Make better use of your time, manage your risk using near to real-time accurate data with a Business Intelligence Tool. With Gold-i Visual Edge, you can see within a few seconds of all of the trading activity, giving invaluable data into exactly what is going on. Benefit from a whole host of rules, all pre-populated in tabs to start benefiting you straight away. 

Are you being picked off by latency trading? If so, Visual Edge will allow you to discover it immediatley. You can track these traders every move and get insight into their styles of trading.


About the author

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins is the Founder and CEO of Gold-i with experience in financial technology spanning over 25 years. With an in-depth knowledge of the trading technology industry, Tom set up Gold-i in 2008 after spotting a gap in the market to enhance the FX trading process for retail brokers. As the inspiration and driving force behind Gold-i, Tom has played a major role in disrupting the retail FX and Crypto market, giving opportunities to brokers/exchanges across the globe. Now extending the firm’s focus to the institutional market, he uses his market insight to continue to drive innovation.