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iFX EXPO Dubai 2022

During iFX EXPO Dubai 2022, Tom Higgins CEO and Founder of Gold-i and Crypto Switch, appeared on two panels, 'Human VS Machine: Trading Technology Today' and 'Cryptos, DeFi & More: Exploring the Digital Asset Landscape'. He noticed both panels contained the same 4 themes for 2022: Flexibility, Shifting of Mindsets, Innovation and Regulations. 


Tom has shared his thoughts on each of the themes:


The importance of being flexible
  • The past couple of years has proven that flexibility with working is important in keeping a balance but there is a danger of full remote working to lose focus, shut down communication and stop interaction. It’s key to find a hybrid solution that suits business needs and employee needs.
  • Big tech players are taking advantage of developers being set up to work from home by finding the top talent around the world to hire. This is creating competition which highlights the need for other companies to offer flexibility around work.


Mindset shift
  • We have noticed a big shift in interest for Crypto over traditional Retail FX. Innovation in the Retail FX space is diminishing which is shining a light on the possibilities for Crypto and digital assets. A way forward for this is to bring together the Crypto space with a standard API set that anyone can work with. By taking traditional TradFi and applying into the Crypto space, we will see huge success in this area.


Innovating and evolving
  • Retail brokers will move towards adding Crypto assets or they will get left behind. We have seen this in the past with company like Blackberry and Nokia in the tech space. Major players could disappear if they don’t evolve and get involved by adding FX and CFD assets as digitalised versions.


  • Retail FX unregulated brokers are causing havoc on the market undermining the industry and keeping the major players away. Consistent worldwide regulations will be key to entice major players to adopt digital assets. With GCExchange being a FCA regulated venue that adheres to AML & KYC standards, it shows it can be done and hopefully will encourage more to follow.


How do you think the industry will change over the next year? Comment with your thoughts.

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