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Future Trends: Advancements of Blockchain in 2020

The concept of a blockchain has been around for quite a few years now, but the only large-scale application of it to date has been to support crypto curren ...

Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage: Delve Deep into Your Client’s Trading Activity using Business Intelligence Tools

Welcome to part 4 of how to adapt and scale your brokerage. This week we are ‘delving deep’ into scaling your brokerage by visualising your client’s activi ...

Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage: Step 3

Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage: How to up Your Liquidity Management Game

How do you scale up your brokerage? Diversifying your liquidity management is one of many ways you can do so. But why? Retail traders have started to get ...

Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage Step 2

Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage: Step 2 - Target Money Managers and Attract Professional Traders 

One way to scale up your brokerage is to address an important point from our previous blog post - Target 3 sets of clients (very retail, professional, and ...

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