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Gold-i’s Liquidity Bridge vs Matrix: Which do I Choose?

What is Gold-i’s Bridge?

The Gold-i Bridge for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 gives you full control to set-up a direct connection from your MT4 or MT5 server to one of over 70 Liquidity Providers (LPs). With the Gold-i Bridge, you can automatically cover all Retail Broker’s risks with LPs in real-time, easily managing A-Book and B-Book flow in MT4 and MT5 with ‘Cover Trades’ and Create a variety of spread profiles with custom mark-up functionality.

What is Gold-i's Matrix?

The Gold-i Matrix is a multi-asset liquidity management platform that allows you to connect your trading platform(s) to multiple LPs. The multi-asset platform enables you to aggregate multiple pools of liquidity, mark up the spreads and stream your own liquidity to a trading platform or other financial entity, with an easy and efficient system configuration.

If you require specific feeds for FX, CFD, commodities, or crypto, you can connect these into Matrix to consume multi-asset liquidity into your trading platform. If you require, you can offer your own liquidity and leverage the cost advantages of accessing the Gold-i Matrix NETwork.

Whether you use the Gold-i Bridge or Gold-i Matrix, you can take advantage of Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork of LPs, Brokerages, Market Makers, Funds and other Financial Entities.


The Final Verdict

The Gold-i Bridge is great for a broker who wants a simple, reliable, connection to their LP.

Gold-i’s Matrix is great for brokers who have a more complex setup and require the ability to manage multiple liquidity pools.


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