DigiAssets 2024

DigiAssets crypto conference 

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The DigiAssets 2024 conference occurred on 14th-15th May at the Business Design Centre in London. This event, a premier gathering for institutional market participants, focused on the fast-evolving digital assets market.


Key features of the conference included:

 Sessions and Speakers: The conference featured over 25 sessions led by thought leaders and innovators in the digital asset space, including representatives from central banks, regulators, and major financial institutions. Notable speakers included Eric Peters from Coinbase Asset Management, Gautam Sharma from Brevan Howard Digital, Henri Arslanian from Nine Blocks Capital Management?? and Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO and Founder.

 Topics: Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the impact of Bitcoin ETFs on the market, the implementation of tokenised funds, challenges around market infrastructure, and the latest regulatory developments. There was also a focus on the maturing market structure and technology developments which are attracting more institutional interest?.

 Networking: The conference offered networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with over 600 traditional financial institutions and benchmark their digital asset initiatives with over 300 senior buy-side heads from asset managers, private banks, and hedge funds.


Our team shared their thoughts on the conference:

 Jonnie Dutton, Sales Consultant, attended the conference and said “The DigiAssets event was a fantastic selection of the leading financial crypto institutions. It was well balanced with different business types, leading to interesting conversations and plenty of knowledge sharing.”

 David Hillier, Senior Sales Consultant, commented “DigiAssets was well organised and attended with insightful panels. Compared to the DAS conference and Token2049 that I attended earlier this year, DigiAsset was more institutional heavy.”

 Tom Higgins, CEO & Founder, added “It was a pleasure to participate in DigiAssets and join some incredible industry experts on the market infrastructure panel. Gold-i isn’t solely for FX and this was a great event to show the market our authority in the digital asset space too.”  

 Mark Alvarez-Buylla, CCO, said “The Keynote speaker sessions were fascinating and covered broad topics. It’s exciting to see the growth and evolution of the market.”