Gold-i Extends Access to Visual Edge

Gold-i has released an API to allow seamless integration between its multi-asset risk management and business intelligence tool, Visual Edge and other trading platforms.

Up until now, Gold-i Visual Edge has been integrated exclusively with MT4. However, with many brokers using multiple trading platforms, Gold-i has extended access to Visual Edge, enabling brokers to have a simple way to gain a complete overview of their trading operations across multiple platforms.

Misha Kipnis, VP, Gold-i Visual Edge explains, "With the new API for Visual Edge, brokers who use multiple trading platforms can now get a complete real-time overview of all the key metrics driving their trading business including their risk and P&L. Combining data across multiple trading platforms provides the most comprehensive way for brokers to manage their market exposure and monitor their KPIs.”

Since its launch at the end of 2014, Gold-i Visual Edge has proved to be an invaluable tool for MT4 brokers. It helps them to increase profitability by managing exposure risk, make more informed A-Book/B-Book decisions and prevents them from losing money to toxic clients. Gold-i Visual Edge, with its modular pricing structure, is accessible to brokers of all sizes.

The new API enables integration with most trading platforms. Visual Edge integration with MT5 will be announced later this year.