Gold-i Launches Crypto Switch

Gold-i has launched Crypto Switch to provide brokers using MetaTrader with access to leading global Crypto Exchanges and Liquidity Providers for both pricing and trading. The Gold-i Crypto Switch gives brokers full control over pricing and execution and the choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation.

Using the Gold-i Crypto Switch, brokers can add a diverse range of Cryptocurrencies to their system and distribute them to MT4, MT5 or any other trading platform. In addition, Synthetic Cryptocurrencies can be created from other Cryptocurrencies and/or FX pairs to create whole new markets.  The Gold-i Crypto Switch also enables brokers to sell their own Crypto liquidity via industry standard protocols such as FIX.

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i comments, “Gold-i is aiming to be the leading Crypto technology provider in the industry. We have developed our Crypto Switch to enable brokers to maximise opportunities from the increasing demand for Crypto trading and to help them to increase their revenues by offering a wider range of products to clients.

“With Crypto Switch, brokers can take all the risk and P&L by B-Booking all or part of the flow. Alternatively, they can cover 100% of it in the market, providing peace of mind in volatile markets.”

With the Gold-i Crypto Switch, new Cryptocurrencies can be added quickly and easily. For further information, please visit gold-i-crypto-switch