PAMM for MT4

PAMM for MetaTrader 4

Market leading PAMM/MAM for MetaTrader Brokers and Money Managers

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Market leading PAMM for MT4 from Gold-i

If you use MT4 and are looking for a PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) or a MAM (Multi Account Manager), the Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 will provide all the features and functionality you need. 

The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 is the most advanced post-trade allocation tool for MT4 brokers and money managers. And with a flat rate monthly license fee, it is also the most cost-effective MAM and PAMM software tool on the market.

With this easy to use Gold-i plug-in, brokers can assign multiple sub-accounts to a single master account, selecting from a variety of different allocation methods. Using the PAMM allocation module, the Money Manager or Master Account gets full control of how to allocate their trades.

The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 is also ideal for helping brokers to attract different client types and offer more flexibility to IBs.

The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 makes it very easy to manage multiple sub-accounts. When a deposit or withdrawal is made to a sub-account, the corresponding master account balance reflects this, and stays aligned with the total sub-account balance. Multiple master accounts can be configured with the plug-in, each with their own corresponding sub-accounts. 

With the Gold-i High Water Mark Plugin, you are able to pay an account a defined percentage of another account's net profit as a rebate, based on their performance. The Rebate is base on a "High Water Mark," so the previous performance of the account is taken into consideration. 

The product runs on an existing MT4 server – so no separate hardware is required.

PAMM for MT4

 “The Gold-i MAM Pro has proven to be one fo the best MAMs on the market. It perfectly balances a clear and easy to use front-end for the client and is matched with reliability and customisable features for a broker."

Tim Plummer, Head of Integrated Trading Platforms, IG


Contact to request a Gold-i PAMM demo or click here for more information about the Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4.   MAM for MT4    

Gold-i also has a MAM Pro for MT5 – an advanced PAMM and MAM software plug-in tool for brokers using MetaTrader 5.    MAM for MT5

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