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MT4 Bridge

Make More MoneyCut CostsDifferentiate
Gold-i MT4 Bridge
  • Award-winning ultra low latency smart routing product
  • Fast, flexible, reliable
  • Access to over 70 Liquidity Providers
  • Installed directly on the MetaTrader server
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Make More MoneyDifferentiate
Gold-i Link
  • MT4/MT5 post trade integration
  • 2 way real-time MT4 / MT5 synchronisation
  • Integrate MetaTrader with back office, CRM and payment solutions
  • Allows integration with risk management solutions
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MAM Pro for MT4

Make More MoneyDifferentiate
Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4
  • Advanced post-trade allocation tool for MT4 brokers and money managers
  • Assign multiple sub-accounts to a single master account
  • Attract different client types and offer more flexibility to IBs
  • Runs on existing MT4 server – no separate hardware required
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Make More MoneyReduce Risk
Gold-i Matrix
  • Multi-asset modular liquidity management platform
  • Aggregate incoming liquidity feeds and offer your own liquidity out to clients
  • Multiple routing and aggregation methods
  • Liquidity Provider agnostic, leveraging connections with over 70 LPs
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Visual Edge

Make More MoneyReduce Risk
Gold-i Visual Edge
  • Multi-asset risk management and business intelligence software
  • Fully integrated with MetaTrader and other trading platforms
  • Manage risk by seeing exposure in real time
  • View customised dashboards to gain an up-to-the minute overview of your trading operations
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Make More MoneyCut CostsDifferentiate
Gold-i Hosting
  • Hosted servers in the industry’s leading data centres
  • Fully planned and managed infrastructure
  • Super low latency
  • Disaster recovery option
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Managed Services

Cut Costs
Gold-i Managed Services
  • Outsourced technology support to run MetaTrader effectively
  • Tap into our MT4/MT5 technology expertise
  • Different support levels for differing budgets
  • 24x7 support
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Scalper Watch

Make More Money
Gold-i Scalper Watch
  • Spot unwanted scalpers
  • Receive scalper alerts
  • Analyse and tag suspected scalpers
  • Customise settings to define how scalper trades are detected
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Broker 360

Make More MoneyCut CostsDifferentiate
Gold-i Broker 360
  • Impressive customer onboarding, analytics and CRM tool
  • Works with leading global payment providers
  • Client segmentation and marketing automation tools
  • Cloud-based solution
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Risk DB

Cut CostsReduce Risk
Gold-i Risk DB
  • Can be run independently from MetaQuotes Report Server
  • Allows export of database from MetaTrader
  • Can be used with other plug-ins to provide more flexibility
  • Works with multiple MT4 servers
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Margin Caller

Make More MoneyReduce Risk
Gold-i Margin Caller
  • Manages margin calls and stop outs
  • Automatically emails clients to advise them
  • Alerts customers if order has been made
  • Monitors cash movements
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Reg Reporting

Make More MoneyCut CostsDifferentiate
Gold-i Reg Reporting
  • - Automated tools to comply with reporting regimes
  • - Compliant with all major reporting regimes
  • - Fully integrated with MT4
  • - Cost effective
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Price Server

Make More MoneyCut CostsDifferentiate
Gold-i Price Server
  • Capture the prices MT4 sends out to clients
  • Ideal tool for logging prices
  • Simple bolt-on to Gold-i Bridge
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Swap Loader

Cut CostsReduce Risk
Gold-i Swap Loader
  • Fill a spreadsheet with overnight swap values
  • Automatically loads overnight swap values into MT4
  • Saves time and reduces workload
  • Reduces operational risk
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Quote Checker

Reduce Risk
Gold-i Quote Checker
  • Prevents clients from trading on stale prices
  • Automatically notifies the broker of stale prices
  • Reduces risk from B Booking
  • Disables trading when no updates to prices have been received
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IB Profit Share

Make More MoneyDifferentiate
Gold-i IB Profit Share
  • Set up automatic profit sharing with IBs or agents
  • Real-time profit sharing
  • Ideal for use with agents/IBs
  • Can be created with any number of client groups or individual clients
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