Gold-i Matrix


Gold-i Matrix

  • Multi-asset modular liquidity management platform
  • Aggregate incoming liquidity feeds and offer your own liquidity out to clients
  • Multiple routing and aggregation methods
  • Liquidity Provider agnostic, leveraging connections with over 70 LPs
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Make More MoneyReduce Risk

A game changing product

The Gold-i Matrix has cost over £1m to bring to market and is a game-changing product for brokerages around the world. It is an extremely fast, flexible and modular liquidity management platform, developed specifically to help MetaTrader brokers, from start-ups to global organisations – to make more money and reduce risk. Matrix provides multiple routing and aggregation methods to allow you to offer the most effective execution model to different client types.

Add new revenue streams

If you are looking at alternative revenue streams, Matrix has full multi-asset capabilities, providing you with an easy way to extend your FX offering into CFDs, futures and equities. It also enables you to offer your own liquidity out to clients to fuel further growth

No up-front costs or set up fees

Get up and running with Matrix quickly and easily and at a low cost to your brokerage. With our out of the box deployment and minimal set up time, Matrix can be installed within just a couple of hours. Our GUI is intuitive and easy to use so you can quickly start to reap the benefits of this game changing software 

Key Features

Matrix supports unique features of the Gold-i Bridge such as multiple spreading rules and the ability to support partial fills. It also supports:

  • Best Bid Offer (BBO): with multiple LPs
  • Sweep: considers depth of market as well as Best Bid Offer
  • Primary/Secondary: ideal for brokers where resilience is key

It is hosted in your own datacentre to give a latency advantage, ensuring you have full access to all system features and can input changes in real-time. This puts you in control and reduces downtime should any technical issues or cyberattacks occur.

Matrix 2.0 gives brokers a huge amount of flexibility in spreading prices. It offers multiple routing rules and supports multi-asset classes. I believe it’s a best of breed product made even more appealing by our pricing strategy. There are no up-front costs or set up fees so brokers can get up and running very quickly at low cost.

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins,
CEO and Founder, Gold-i

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