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With Gold-i’s Crypto Switch™ 2.0:

  • Get a fully cleared or centrally settled Crypto solution
  • Access tight spreads and deep pools of liquidity in cash and CFD instruments
  • Have full control over pricing and execution with a choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation
  • Get the opportunity to create synthetic Cryptocurrency pairs to create whole new markets
  • Expand revenue streams by distributing your own Crypto liquidity

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Liquidity Providers

Maximise Opportunities for Crypto Trading

Crypto Firms - Optimise and/or distribute the best quality Crypto liquidity

Crypto Market Makers - Distribute liquidity to Gold-i’s large global client NETwork

PoP Brokers - Offer Crypto as an additional asset class

Crypto Switch™ 2.0

Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0

Fill large orders without incurring significant slippage with this advanced platform that provides reliable connectivity and access to deep liquidity pools across a wide array of venues.

Crypto Switch 2.0 can be easily connected to any trading platform via a FIX API or other standard protocols enabling you to reliably interact with many market makers, brokers, exchanges and OTC desks.

"We are excited to be partnered with Gold-i. By combining Gold-i's automated matching and routing technology with automated settlement and netted obligations provided through Zero Hash, our shared clients can receive the best price and seamless settlement services."

Edward Woodford, CEO, Zero Hash.
Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0 and Zero Hash

Gold-i and Zero#

Hedge Crypto flow with multiple leading counterparties and benefit from deeper and tighter liquidity that is centrally settled daily by our partners at Zero#.

The Crypto market is fast evolving from a financial experiment to a mature asset class. We are excited to join Gold-i in providing FX Brokers and Crypto Exchanges a safe and streamlined access to multi-source Crypto Cash and CFD liquidity.

Franck Mikulecz, Co-founder, FXCH Ltd.
Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0 and FXCH

Gold-i and FXCH

Hedge Crypto flow with several venues whilst facing a single counterparty and benefit from real-time netting and leverage in Crypto assets trading in a safe and professional environment. Automatically reconcile funds held by the Clearing House.

We are delighted to partner with Gold-i to provide our customers with real-time, event-driven processing and analytics that not only meets their essential needs but also delivers actionable intelligence. Financial markets are among the fastest moving markets around, and with cutting edge tools - like CryptoCortex - that make data readily available, customers can quickly implement the best decisions possible.

Ilya Gorelik, VP, Real-Time Computing Lab at EPAM

Gold-i is a proud member of CryptoUK - the UK’s self-regulatory trade association representing the crypto-asset sector.

Got a question about Gold-i's Crypto Switch 2.0?



There is a growing number of institutions seeing demand from their clients who want to invest in digital assets.

The difficulty faced by many is implementing a solution from the ground up that meets all their requirements, including access to deep liquidity, risk mitigation, settlement with multiple parties and time to build and implement such a solution.

Crypto Switch 2.0 offers an end-to-end solution for the access and trading of Crypto and digital assets fit for institutional needs.

No, Crypto Switch 2.0 is a digital asset technology platform. However, it essentially works similarly to a Prime Broker relationship, whereby you trade against several aggregated market makers and clear/settle with a single counterparty. We offer two variations of this setup, a centrally settled model or a centrally cleared model.

Crypto Switch 2.0’s technology allows you to manage and aggregate Crypto feeds, through either an MT4 Bridge, MT5 Gateway or direct FIX API connection. Graphically, this platform has the most comprehensive administration and monitoring suite, making it simple to set up and use on a day-to-day basis.

Primary and secondary liquidity feeds can be configured for all instruments, pools and streams enabling frictionless Fail-over and Fail-back. Multiple configurations may be created and loaded as required, encompassing parameters such as Best-bid or offer, Sweep-the-book and Primary/Secondary configuration of specific LPs.

Using the Crypto Switch 2.0 monitor you can view incoming pools for specific symbols to analyse market depth and the outgoing pricing stream.

Yes! You can take an aggregated feed and apply a markup, which you can offer out to other parties or you can create your own crypto denominated currency pairs using the Synthetics module.

No, collateral is stored with the central clearinghouse, if using the centrally cleared model, or with the various counterparties involved in the centrally settled model.

As a technology provider, we have integrated with several large Market Makers who support a range of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH...

There is a lack of credibility in the digital assets space, but Crypto Switch 2.0 by Gold-i have a team with a proven track record in Crypto and FX. Our partnership with Zero# and FXCH allows you to hedge Crypto flow and cover counter-party risk with a fully cleared and centrally settled solution. 

Zero Hash facilitates the storage of digital assets, on and off-chain settlement, and verifiable proof of assets for transactions. Gold-i post transactions with the various counterparties to Zero Hash, who settle these transactions.

Yes, while Exchanges have a role to play in the cryptocurrency industry, markets need a ‘liquidity provider of last resort' to cope with the volatility and unpredictability of the market.