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Fast and Flexible Multi-Asset Liquidity Management Platform

Gold-i Matrix

With Matrix access over 70 Liquidity Providers and benefit from:

  • Aggregating multi-asset liquidity feeds
  • Easily monitoring liquidity providers' pricing and expanding to see market depth
  • Saving time when selecting multiple pools, symbols or liquidity providers with an easier and more efficient system configuration
  • Automatically failing-over and manually failing-back
  • Offering your own liquidity to clients

Minimise Slippage and Downtime

Control your own Matrix Instance with single-tenant architecture, providing you with latency advantage

Gold-i Matrix Insights

Access Invaluable Analytics

Matrix Insights

The visualisation dashboard – with exportable reports, provides:

  • Real-time monitoring on trade execution
  • Total traded volume per liquidity
  • Average execution latency
  • The best choice of venue
  • Pricing rates
  • Total fill and Partial fill
  • Rejection statistics

Gold-i has a solid and respected reputation for world-class products and Matrix is no exception. Equiti’s integration with Gold-i will be a significant value-add to Equiti Capital, and the Equiti Group, given Gold-i’s extensive client base in regions that supports Equiti’s global growth strategy.”

Mitesh Vaghela, Director of Product, Equiti

We selected Matrix as our liquidity management platform because Gold-i had already integrated with a number of high-quality Liquidity Providers who we wanted to connect with for FX, CFDs and commodities. Matrix, therefore, provided us with an efficient way of accessing this liquidity. We use Matrix Insights to monitor and measure the performance of execution with our Liquidity Providers in terms of latency, slippages and rejections. This level of detailed data can be used to form the basis of our Quality of Execution reports, which we are obligated to provide to our clients by our regulator.

Mark Gemma, CEO, Acetop Financial

Gold-i understands the pain points of brokerages and the OTC trading industry. They use amazing technology to fulfil our real needs and lead the industry to an unprecedented height. As a risk-aversed broker, SeventyBrokers appreciates having a technical partner like Gold-i, inspired during every interaction.

Austin Liu, Managing Director, SeventyBrokers

INFINOX is excited to be integrated with Gold-i and to be able to offer pricing through Gold-i's Matrix Net. This is an important relationship that will allow clients to tap into our liquidity offering through market leading technology. INFINOX’s growth has been built on key relationships and Matrix Net gives us the tools to develop and build further relationships.

Jay Mawji, Managing Director, INFINOX

FXCM is delighted to expand its relationship with Gold-i and integrate FXCM Pro pricing within Gold-i’s Matrix Net. This technology is extremely popular amongst our institutional client base and it was a natural fit. As a globally recognised Liquidity Provider, the FXCM Pro team is confident that Gold-i’s cutting-edge system will complement our extremely competitive spreads to provide FXCM Pro’s institutional clients with a top-notch trading experience.

Mario Sanchez, Managing Director, FXCM

When the opportunity to be part of Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork was presented to us, we didn’t think twice about it. We are very proud to partner with Gold-i and believe this is a perfect synergy for brokers worldwide. We are confident that Gold-i’s sophisticated liquidity management platform and our high-quality liquidity solution will provide significant opportunities of growth for brokers worldwide.

Elan Bension, Executive Director, Global Prime

Integrating with Gold-i and their suite of products allows us to strengthen our product offering and flexibility in an ever-changing industry landscape, with a technology partner that has a great reputation within our financial sector to constantly evolve.

Daniel Lawrance, Chief Commercial Officer, Scope Markets

Gold-i Matrix provides us with a means of passing liquidity and receiving orders from our MT4 partners. It offers multiple routing rules and supports multi-asset classes. I believe it’s a cost-effective means of connecting to wider audiences.

Andrew Merry, FINSA

Gold-i is one of the few companies out there that deliver consistently reliable products to all their clients, and we are very pleased to have formed this partnership. We have been impressed by Gold-i’s continual focus on driving the market forward, specifically in terms of their multi-asset liquidity management solutions. In particular, we believe our clients will benefit from their ultra-low latency smart routing products and direct connections to high-quality multi-asset Liquidity Providers. Both Gold-i and Tradesocio take great pride in ongoing innovation and high service levels – there are a lot of synergies in our partnership.

Wael Salem, CEO, Tradesocio

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