Swap Free Plug-In for MT4/MT5

Ability to offer trading accounts that do not pay interest

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Gold-i Bolsters its Portfolio of MetaTrader Tools with Swap Free Plug-In for MT4/MT5

Gold-i has added a Swap Free plug-in to its MT4 and MT5 product portfolio, providing brokers with the ability to offer trading accounts that do not pay interest.

Gold-i’s Swap Free plug-in, launched in response to client demand, prevents MT4/MT5 from creating a swap on open positions, enabling brokers to charge a commission instead. Multiple methods are available to calculate the commission charge, giving flexibility and control to the broker. It is competitively priced, available on a fixed fee basis.

According to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i, “Our Swap Free plug-in is available as a standalone product and is accessible to all MetaTrader brokers, with no need for them to change their existing infrastructure. It is simple to use and brokers can easily target who to apply the swap free logic to by using common fields such as an account or group.”

Gold-i is renowned for having developed some of the fastest and most reliable MT4 and MT5 plug-ins. These include IB Profit Share, Price Monitor, Margin Caller, Swap Loader, and Balance Monitor.

Gold-i specialises in Multi-Asset Liquidity Management (including crypto), MetaTrader tools and Risk Reporting. Founded 15 years ago, Gold-i’s aim is to help brokers make more money, reduce risk and differentiate in a highly competitive market.