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Why Gold-i?

We have become renowned as a global market leader in trading technology over the past thirteen years.

Our 'Growth Suite' of market-leading solutions including our award-winning bridging technology, risk solutions and MT4 / MT5 plug-ins have helped 100s of retail multi-asset brokers worldwide to transform their trading operations, manage their risk, and become more profitable.

We are committed to helping our clients grow. Whether you are a retail broker or LP, our in-depth knowledge of the industry and attentive support across multiple sites globally proves invaluable.

Gold-i Partners and Clients

Over 100 happy partners and clients

Benefiting from over 12 years of experience in MetaTrader integration driving growth, profitability and operational efficiency.

"Proud to partner with Gold-i" - Elan Bension, Global Prime

MAM user interface

Interfaces designed for you

"A Perfect Balance"

- Tim Plummer, IG

A clear and easy to use front end for your client, matched with reliability and customisable features for you.

24/5 Support

"A solid team" - Scott Dunlavy, Think Markets

Our world-class support team offer solid 24/5 support and 24/7 emergency support.

The Story of Gold-i

Team and Corporate Values

No matter where in the world we are based, we reflect Gold-i’s core values – values which define how we operate as a business and the service we provide to our clients.


Funky Shirt


Wear The Loud Shirt

Get it Done!

Determined To Make it Work

Keep calm and have fun at work

Have Fun!

We Are The Gold-i Team

Mark Alvarez-Buylla
Mark Alvarez-Buylla

Contact Global Sales

Meet Mark

Contact Gold-i Sales: 


Tel: +44 1483 668940


Contact Asia Pacific Sales

Meet Joy

Contact Gold-i Asia Pacific sales: 


Tel China: +44 1483 961946

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